Who says everything is visible in the light?

Days are bright, all have the sight;

But truth struggles to fight;

And nothing seems right;

when sun sets down;

owls and spirits wear the crown;

the hidden secrets of the day bright;

dance with the night;

but nights are different;

They are dark , and they are silent;

the secrets of the world shall reavealed to only those;

who stay up all the night on their toes;

whether a barking dog or creative robber;

Hunting bat or passionate lover;

Insomaniac or a old granny or;

Haunting spirit or a meditating yogi;

all The above shares their own secrets

when others in the bright day can not interpret.

it is not wrong to say that the whole world is an illusion

because days give us light but

The nights give us the vision.

Mayur The Lone Wolf.