The king and the queen

The above photo I took in Dubai. No I am not explaining about the photo or how did i take it. It’s a general thought process.

I do play chess a lot. It’s an interesting game. I was playing the game with my friend who has wooden set of chess. we were playing the game and I was in really bad situation. I just had two pawns, king and queen on the board.

Suddenly my friend’s mother called him for something to get in. So he just went inside the kitchen. While thinking the move to avoid checkmate I had this thought I am sharing Below.

Queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard. Queen can move anywhere across the board. If you lose the queen it’s very difficult to win the game because Queen holds 9 points. Many players lose their hopes to win after losing their queen.

Exactly in opposite way, the king is like most weak as a Pawn. Because King can only move 1 Block. The value of king is also very less. I mean in terms of points. King holds one point.

So if you see the game scenario, it feels and seems that Queen has more rights, it is way more powerful than the king. It seems like King is very much dependent on the queen.

No, I am not talking about any women rights or husband and wife or any kind of social life and rules. I am trying to correlate the queen and king in our day to day life. Our very personal life. Spiritual or eternal life.

King and queen are like soul and physical body. In our day to day life we know how much we care about our body. we know that if we lose our body we are going to die. We try to give everything with what our body demands. Then it may be the health related thing or pleasure related thing or mental satisfaction. We always do whatever is required for our physical body. Basically we live for that.

But we hardly even notice about the soul. yes, when we discuss kind of philosophical stuff or at certain occasions we try to think about soul. But most of the time we live and think as a physical body. The way we take care of our physical body, we never try to know our soul or to take care of the soul. We never nurture it. We never ask our soul that what do you want? I know the question is wrong here because the question should be what I really want?

So the king is the soul and the queen is the body. And in the chess, the queen means body is totally free, wild, powerful. we give most importance to the queen, we always try to save the queen. Even though our main motive of the game is to save the king we hardly recognise it.

Weather it’s chess or real life even if the queen (physical body) leaves the board, game is still ON.

But when king (soul) leaves the board. Queen (body) goes straight into the wooden box.

The Lone Wolf

Author: Lone Wolf

First of all thanks to whole internet and WordPress who allowed me to communicate with millions of people... I am just a normal human being trying to learn new things in life. I love photography, thinking, philosophy and sharing it in simple words as possible. I would like to share my some work over here through my words and photos. Your comments, suggestions and critiques are most welcome. Regards Mayur

11 thoughts on “The king and the queen”

  1. Brilliant analogy 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
    If we consider one’s life as a game of chess then can we say there are two bodies and two souls whose colour and characteristics depend upon the external entity playing the game…

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  2. Very well said. In our day to day life we never think about the development of the soul. Even we don’t understand what we really want. This article will help in understanding the difference between ‘ soul ‘ and ‘body’. ,👍👍👍👍

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  3. Thats right Mayur. Its good analogy. And in real life if you keep on fulfilling what body demands then that could guide your soul on wrong path over long run. So you need to give importance to the body as well but should be controlled importance keepingin mind that your soil is more important.

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