Are we slaves?

warning: only deep thinkers try to read it. The post is Not for all.

Do u believe in the love?
love means love for Ur boyfriendf or girlfriend or life partner. Most of the times, people initially feel that this is only person in the world who is made for them. They feel every kind of attraction for that person. Mental, emotional , intellectual, spiritual, physical. People also describe it as the companionship of many lives. We are made for each other.

I really appreciate that.

But as always my mind asks some basic questions.

For few seconds imagine that the person was not at all in existence, does it means that u would be all alone for whole life?

And you would not have felt attracted towards some other person? And feel the same? That he/she is the person made for you??

what if that person would not have existed, does it mean you would not have fall in love at all? With anyone else??

I think it’s impossible.

If he/she would not have existed at all or you would not have met him at all in your life, still you would have got someone else. That’s what my practical mind says.

So one question remains is why everyone feels that he is with the person who is made for him/her? Or why everyone keeps finding such person who is made for him/her?

I would say , it’s a pure illusion or the slavery.

Yes slavery.

We feel that we are the masters of our life and we choose the person we want in our life. But infact our this thought itself is a projection of the slavery.

It’s difficult to explain but still I will try at my best.
So understand the below points.

Have you seen the matrix movie? Where machines are using humans as their battery. But for that they create the illusionary world “matrix”. So in reality every person is sleeping and became a battery for the machines and he is living the illusionary world “matrix” in his mind as a daily life. All people are connected to that world. This dream life has been given by machines to these people. He never wakes up.
So machine has humans as slave to give them energy and they give humans the illusionary world, where people feel they are living the life of their own choice.

Now you will ask what is the relevance of this with love life?

Just replace the machines with nature.
Nature who always likes to be exist. Persist. Nature never cares about anything . For the persistence and existence reproduction is very important. Even sometimes destruction is also important. And nature acts on it.

So basically the feeling of love or attraction us there because of not what we feel it but it is because of what nature wants us to feel.

I am not saying that the love is not right feeling but I am saying the cause of such kind of love or attraction what human experiences for one particular person is delusional.

As I said above, if the oppoaite person does not exists still human will feel the same kind of love and attraction for someone else. He will find someone to live with. So it is not about the particular person practically. Even though we feel that it is for that one person only.

That is why there are so many attractions for the males and females. It is totally natural. Even though lovers living together, they also get attracted towards other people.

Maya in Indian mythology or Indian scriptures is not different than this. Everyone is under the illusion of Maya. That is why we do what she wants to get from us. So in this case nature is nothing but the Maya. Because nature wants to exist and persist, that is why the nature has given us the feeling to feel that attraction of opposite sex and we gave it the name as love.

But we are fools who dont understand that even if the person we are loving would not have existed, we would be loving someone else.

But we don’t even feel that our love is not originated within ourselves. It has been planted in us. The idea to feel those emotions of feeling closeness , being attracted are planted in us by nature. Nature doesnt care whether you are going to have sex with mutual understandings or by love and emotions or by force. Nature tells us just to have sex. Because he wants to reproduce either this way or that.

so it’s just about how we r under the illusion of nature.
it’s exactly like movie matrix.

we fools, think that I am in love. but we don’t understand that the feel of falling in love is the trick of nature. Nature uses us so amazingly that we even don’t understand that it’s not our own wish.

The beautiful brutal truth our feeling of love is the result of what someone else wants.

That is what Maya is. where we don’t realise itself that we r the slaves. we feel that we are doing everything as master. In reality we are completing the wish of nature.

That is why in Indian scriptures getting out of the attraction from the opposite sex is one of the step of getting free from the Maya. Everything around is Maya no doubt. but opposite sex attraction or sexual attraction is one of the biggest loop of Maya.

We can go into much more detail of this if we bring the one more factor called as Karma. It will be more complicated.
Because people will ask so many saints and enlightened people were married and had children. But one big difference is there that , for those people physical attraction and love is not the concern. They do it without keeping any expectations. They do it neutrally. They do it because there are some past karmas pending. So they have to go through all this things. they are totally neutral about this things while doing. so intentions and approach of those people is very different than us.

It’s like the difference in between drinking the alcohol as habit and drinking the alcohol as a medicine.

I guess I have made it complicated as I could. But I hope if someone deeply think about it he/she will understand the meaning what I want to say.

the final words I would say that we are the slaves of the nature. That’s why we feel the emotions like live for opposite sex mainly. Very few people can even understand it or realise such kind of slavery. And fewer of them will try to get rid of it. To become the true master. To become enlightened. Then nature won’t be their master.nature won’t be able to make them slaves. They would use nature as per their wish. Like a true master.

The lone wolf.

The Reality:- 3

You must read the The Reality-1 and The Reality-2 to understand this further explanation.

In the The Reality-1 we saw the types of realities according to the Upanishads.

In The Reality-2 blog we saw the 3rd reality means the enlightenment state in little depth. We tried to learn, what is Brahman?

In this blog we will try to understand what are the steps to know this brahmin and self. the steps to wake up from the day today reality into the enlightenment state.

so here we will brush up again some things.

What is the most profound statement of Advait Vedanta?

I am Brahmin.

So here two questions arises.

  • What am I?
  • What is Brahmin?

So lets ask yourself.

There is a beautiful statement in Vedanta:
I am not what is experienced but I am the one who experiences it.

to understand it we will see some part again in little depth.

  1. Are you this body? Physical body?

You may say , yes I am.

Ok then, so you mean to say right now your right hand Is also you.

Suppose If we cut you right hand (just for imagination, I am not that cruel yet …), what will you say?

Is it still you? You will say that my right hand is laying there. But it will be your hand not you, yourself.

You are still there even your hand has gone. Like this, if we remove most of the organs, still you will be there (obviously in worst pain and cursing me for it). And the point will come where it will be your body lying somewhere and you are observing it. Which means a dead body without you inside it. What does that mean?

Its simple.

2. Are you the mind? Your emotions?

You will say yes.

Ok let’s accept you are your mind.

Have you observed that your mind runs so freely all the time? When you sleep in the dream state you feel that you are in the dream itself.

When you wake up your world is changed totally. So is it really you? At the same time you know you can control your mind.

Isn’t it a obvious statement which says you can control your mind, means you and your mind are different things. You are something above the mind.

So when we go to that depth then we understand one thing.

3. Are you the Intellect?

We claim or say or do everything in our life what our intellect command us. Even when I say that “I am Mayur”, that means its my knowledge. My name is Mayur, and having knowledge about it is my intellect. So almost everything we do in our life is only because of our intellect.

But a point when we are in the deep sleep. At that time nothing exists, neither any knowledge about self, or others or even dream state. For those moments we are like a dead person. But still something exists there which is silently observing that state as well. But it is not intellect.

So Intellect is a very deep identity of myself but we can say that I AM NOT INTELLECT either.

So exactly what am I? which is not my body, mind or intellect.

Vedanta says brahmin is the same. According to Vedanta brahmin is the one Which cannot be experienced.

So obviously according to Advait Vedanta, Brahmin is a state is which is beyond explanation. It is a state of just being and bliss which cannot be explained.

Then the obvious question would come like, how can we believe that such thing does even exist?

If the Brahmin is beyond the senses of physical body, beyond the imagination of the mind and beyond the knowledge of intellectual then how to realise it?

So how can one experience which is beyond experience of physical sense , emotional or mental sense or even intellectual sense? To experience that bliss. That permanent being.

The Advaita Vedanta says one cannot know the real Brahmin or himself as the divine because of ignorance. And what is the ignorance? The ignorance of self. As most of the human being identify themselves as either human body or mind or intellectual. The Brahmin is beyond all this.

Now the most confusing statements will come here so try to read it very slowly by understanding the meaning of each statement.

Advait Vedanta says you always have realisation of yourself. How?

Because we always know I do exist, Whether I am in a dream state or awakens state or deep sleep state. Just we don’t try to feel it. What does that exactly means?

I will try to give a simple example what we face everyday. We look at the other people, we look at all the objects around us. But have you seen your own eyes or your own face? no I am not talking about the face you look into the mirror for any kind of reflective surface. I am talking about directly looking into your eyes for your face. It’s impossible. Whatever you do, you are not capable to look at our own face directly. Does it mean that you don’t have eyes or face? No. You have a face.

Even though we don’t have the direct experience of the eyes or our face but we have always realisation that I have eyes and I have a face. This is the realisation of the fact.

if you correlate this example with the Brahmin or the soul or divine yourself, You will realise that you do exist always irrespective of your body, mind or intellectual.

That is why Swami Vivekananda used to say that I feel so sad because you cannot understand what you are.

so this is the first step to acknowledge and repeat yourself that I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the intellectual, I am not the sufferer, but I am the Brahman who do exists permanently. And repeating this continuously will lead you to the real realisation of yourself.

then the automatic question will arise that is this theoretical knowledge sufficient to realise what I am? Will it give realisation as well?

Asking the question daily about “What am I? “ is the start of the journey towards inward. To know ourselves, to get escape from all the suffering and pain and even happiness. Towards Bliss. Which is the true nature of self. Understanding it deeply most of the time in the day to day life we will start realising things.

How to make all these practices profound and flawless also has techniques.

The steps towards the realisation are

        1. Shravan (listening as exact translation, but it means collecting knowledge by listening or reading the texts from self realised people or gurus and masters.)
        2. Manan ( thinking about it deeply)
        3. Nididhyasa (trying realizing those words what your mind has accepted by now.)

I will try to explain these 3 main things in the next part of Reality:4.

what are the difficulties or questions one may ask while doing above things. There might be many doubts while walking this path. So will mainly discuss the process of walking down this path.

Till the time let’s start with the very basic thing by asking a most profound question. At least we know by now with our theoretical knowledge that I am not body, mind or intellectual.

SO start asking one question from now again and again and deeply…….


Am I this body?


Am I this mind?


Am I this intellectual?


Then what am I??

I am the soul of soul. I am the Brahmin . I am the supreme Devine . Am not the surlfferer, but I am the constant bliss. The silent observer.

-Mayur The Lone Wolf

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Who says everything is visible in the light?

Days are bright, all have the sight;

But truth struggles to fight;

And nothing seems right;

when sun sets down;

owls and spirits wear the crown;

the hidden secrets of the day bright;

dance with the night;

but nights are different;

They are dark , and they are silent;

the secrets of the world shall reavealed to only those;

who stay up all the night on their toes;

whether a barking dog or creative robber;

Hunting bat or passionate lover;

Insomaniac or a old granny or;

Haunting spirit or a meditating yogi;

all The above shares their own secrets

when others in the bright day can not interpret.

it is not wrong to say that the whole world is an illusion

because days give us light but

The nights give us the vision.

Mayur The Lone Wolf.


I asked some people why do they meditate?

They said that they want to improve the focus and concentration, to get some peace and satisfaction.  I am sure most of you will give the same kind of reason.

I have even seen many people who complain that they can not meditate. They say that they sit for meditation and they do meditation but can not focus. So they feel meditation is of no use as they can not focus.

Both above situations are because of misunderstandings.

Because I feel meditation is not the tool to achieve focus or concentration. It is exactly opposite. Focus is the tool to achieve the meditation. And peace of mind is very necessary to meditate. Without focus and peace of mind  meditation is not possible.

Why are we not capable to focus? .

First lets understand our daily life. What we do almost 16 hours a day?


In the today’s Corporate world, we are supposed to be Multitaskers. We are considered very smart if we can do multiple activities at the same time. We are habitual to do so many things at the same time.

Apart from corporate requirements, our personal life is like below.

  1. While driving we don’t enjoy pure driving but we need songs or other activities side by side. I do it always.
  2. While eating we never try to enjoy our meal fully. we r either talking or in to TV or in our mobiles.
  3. When we are with our parents or spouses or children just observe, how much time we really listen to them very carefully? with full attention?
  4. Even many people need newspaper or mobile phones in the washrooms in the early morning.

So we train ourselves to multitask almost 15 to 16 hours in a day.

Now we will see what is focus? or concentration?

Focus is attaching your mind to particular object or thought completely while detaching your mind from every other object and thoughts. But we are trained and even practicing to do multitasking daily. which is exactly opposite of the thing what we call as concentration. Almost whole day, whether we are at work or in personal life, we are practicing the multitasking.

How can we expect to do something which we never even practice in our daily life? Its like we want to get the gold medal in running competition but I am practicing chess.

Some people say we do yoga and meditation for half an hour or for an hour.

Really? Is it going to make you focused? I don’t think so. Its like having a carrot juice in the morning and whole day you eat junk food. Then there is no much use of that carrot juice.

so how can we achieve the focus.

When we will learn to do one thing with full attention. then whatever it is. It may be having meal, or talking to parents, driving etc. We have to change our lifestyle in a such way that it will help to gain me a focus and I can do meditate.

Then such meditation will help your lifestyle, will give the experience of peace. Its a circle. But you have to always start with the life style. First work on your life style seriously to gain focus. Then slowly work on your yoga or meditation. You will start seeing benefits after that.

As a summery and as my own perspective I am making below points to make this article more clear and revise whatever I said.

  1. your energy always work on your thoughts. When number of thoughts are more then energy consumption is more. yes it will be a mental energy but it is most important.
  2. when you have less and less thoughts in your mind then only focus is possible.
  3. Multitasking means more number of thoughts, and we are training daily to multitask.
  4. to gain focus try to do one thing at one time. So it will generate less thought after some practice. Try to make it as a life style.
  5. Because of such life style you will save enormous amount of energy behind all kind of thoughts whether they are positive or negative.

Then life is a bliss in many ways.

It is a very deep and very big topic. But I just want to convey the thought in this blog is mastery over anything needs that kind of lifestyle.

After mastering the meditation we won’t be able to do multitasking???

Being perfect in meditation is the kind of art where you are incharge to control your own thoughts. Which is the big achievement for anybody. That is why I said once you learn to meditate it will help to build your lifestyle. That means once you learn to control your thoughts life becomes much easier. you know which thought you want to keep and which one to ignore. So that will be also a kind of multitasking but it is at very different level.

Right now whatever multitasking we do is unconscious , or we have hardly controls over our thoughts, but after knowing to control the thoughts the multitasking we would be doing will be very conscious.

All of these things I have observed within myself. I am also doing all mentioned mistakes repetitively. But learning about self is most awesome process. It’s amazing to acknowledge our own faults and drawbacks. I don’t know when they will be rectified. I am trying and I will keep trying till end. But at least I am ready to acknowledge my faults. So I believe that definitely at certain time this fault will be rectified.

It is a very deep and very big topic. But I just wanted to convey in this blog that mastery over anything needs that kind of lifestyle. Being perfect in meditation is the kind of art where you are incharge to control your own thoughts. Which is the big achievement for anybody. That is why I said once you learn to meditate it will help to build your lifestyle. That means once you learn to control your thoughts life becomes much easier. you know which thought you want to keep and which one to ignore. So that will be also a kind of multitasking but it is at very different level.

Right now whatever multitasking we do is unconscious but after knowing to control the thoughts the multitasking we would be doing will be very conscious.


I hope this internal thinking will help some one atleast a little.

Mayur The Lone Wolf