Knowing Swami Vivekananda :1

By the grace of guru and these great people I am daring to tell some of the incidents about swami Vivekananda. Where ever I will make mistakes, please let me know, I will rectify it. I hope the readers and these great people will forgive my mistakes by considering me the immature and fool child.

I am not going to tell about Narendra in chronological order but I will share many incidents and facts of his life in Bits and pieces.

When it comes to know about Swami Vivekananda we must know about one person deeply. Without that person its impossible to talk about Swamiji.
The name is Ramakrishna Paramhansa.

It’s a terrible pair of guru shishya I have seen or read about.. Why am saying it?
Let me tell you.

We need to go back in time when swami Vivekananda was a college boy, hardly 20 years old. Everyone knew him by his name Narendra at that time. It was the time when Narendra met Ramakrishna first time.
There was big contrast in between these two, personality wise, mentally and in every sense.

Ramakrishna was a person who studied till his 2nd standard. In short he was kind of illiterate. He was from the brahmin family and pure vegetarian. He was so sensitive that his body used to reject food touched by a impure person. He never used to eat if someone has even tasted his food. He was so soft by heart. So emotional person.
He was the devotee of Maa Kali. Sagun upasana. Bhakti was his main stream of whole life and when he came in to the life of Narendra.

Narendra was totally opposite. He was the person of knowledge and kind of dry. He was from the kayastha family. Where the non-veg was the daily food. He was the non believer of the Sagun upasana. That is why he was the member of brahma Samaj. Where the belief was about only Ningana God. They used to take the oath that the member of Brahma Samaj will never pray in front of the statue or idols.

So here both are the believers of the total opposite things. Their daily habits and daily life was totally different from each other. But this illiterate man totally changed everything about this boy. He did not converted him , but he loved him the way he was. He nurtured his life like a true master.

Narendra used to live in the Shimla house at Kolkata. He was very bright student. Not academically. Because the mark sheets available of Narendra don’t show that he was the top ranker. Academically he was the average but bright student.

But overall qualities of this boy were extraordinary. At the age of 20 or 21 when he met Ramakrishna he was kind of atheist. He had his own thought process.

Narendra was the neighbor of Rabindranath Tagore. The father of Rabindranath Tagore was on the spiritual path. One day the young Narendra went to him when Devendranath Tagore ( Ravindra math’s father) was meditating.

Narendra was behind only one question. Is there a God? If anybody answers “yes”, his next question was have you seen him? The same questions he asked to Devendra Tagore. He got the negative answer. Narendra was disappointed.

the first meeting of Narendra and Ramakrishna Paramhansa was very different and unexpected. Narendra was the amazing singer. He was really good into the music. At the age of 18 Narendra wrote the book about classical music. Because of the lack of funding Narendra published it on somebody else’s name.

So what happened that many of the people knew him as a good singer. Once the Ramakrishna Paramhansa visited one of his devotee in Kolkata. The host of Ramakrishna Paramhansa knew about Narendra. So he called him to sing some devotional songs. Narendra went there and he sang a song.

As Narendra started singing, Ramakrishna lost his consciousness and went into the deep samadhi. After the program Ramakrishna held the hand of Narendra and took him into one of the room.

He started crying. He was asking Narendra ,” where were you my lord? I am waiting for you for so long. Where were you? ”

Narendra was confused and hesitant about the behavior of this man.
Ramakrishna told him again and again that he wants to see him again. Many times he asked the promise from Narendra, that he would visit Dakshineshwar. which was the place where Ramakrishna Paramhansa used to live.
Narendra was already annoyed because of such unexpected behavior. So to just get rid of this man he said, “yes I will come to visit you at the Dakshineshwar.”
Ramakrishna Paramhansa was so happy and joyful like a child after hearing his “Yes”.

Narendra did not know at that time that his life is going to change forever for the best.

Narendra’s third meeting with Ramakrishna Paramhansa. :

21 years old Narendra is in front of Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Ramakrishna told Narendra to show his hands. Then he just took the palms of Narendra in his hands and he kind of lifted them to check something like weight of his hands.

He told the first fact but the brutal fact about Narendra at that time. he told Narendra that, “you are going to live very small life. You will not live longer.” Narendra did not know what to say. Everything about these 2 is mystical. Just magical.

Everything I have said above is properly documented. After this incident so many times Ramakrishna Paramhansa said to many of his devotees and shishyas that, “Narendra is not going to live long life.”
How come this illiterate man knew almost everything about Narendra in so detailed manner? Many of the live discussions have been recorded by the Mahindra Nath Gupta (M) at that time.

So this is how the two great personalities of India met each other. Whatever I am going to tell about them is documented. It is not some story from the story books or mythical stories. Many people who will read my post or the discussions of Ramakrishna Paramhansa about Narendra, they will feel that it’s a kind of magic and unbelievable. Even Narendra used to speak his disbelief openly.

But the great personality of India was under the great guidance had already begun.

The person who won the west and the East, the first person who made the western people to respect India was getting prepared for his mission of life unknowingly.

To be continued……..

The lone wolf.