The Reality- 2

This is the sequel part for my blog The Reality -1

Just to refresh few terms from that blog:

There are three stages of reality according to the Mandukyopanishad.

  1. Dream Reality : The lower reality which we experience in a dream state.
  2. Awaken Reality: The day to day life what we live.
  3. Enlightened or Superconscious Reality: Turiyawastha which is super conscious stage of reality.

We experience dream as the reality when we are sleeping and watching the dream.

When we wake up, the Dream Reality ends for us and new reality of day to day life starts. Even if the dream is pleasurable we are supposed to wake up either this way or that. Even if we want to sleep more, to experience the dream for longer time finally we push ourselves up to wake up.

Now the question is how can one wake up from the awaken reality that means the day to day life reality to the enlightened state? Is it possible?

Advait Vedanta says big YES. It’s possible.

First of all, the person needs to have a wish to really wake up from this reality. This is the most important criteria.

Why am I saying this because, if you can observe, when dream is of mixed emotions of the good and bad incidents, we do enjoy watching it. We don’t want to wake up easily. But when dream is terrible horror or sad we immediately try to get up and get rid of it.

In the same way day to day life is mixture of pleasure and sorrow incidents. We just stick here and never want to give up. Whatever happen we like to be in this reality. When some one really gets fed up with this day to day reality, that person starts to find the answer to find the higher level peace and satisfaction.

So for such person Advait Vedanta gives the solution in question and answer form. These questions and answers are very deep and intellectual. For people like us who can not easily devote ourselves to someone, for them this is mental treat as well as thought provoking. In fact it allows us to ask as many as doubts we can and it gives answers to our doubts as well.

One of the most important question in Advait Vedanta is “Who am I ?”

When we are in the dream state we feel that our mind is nothing but me. Our mind creates the images and all surrounding. In the dream state we don’t have awareness of our physical body. We feel pain and pleasure without actual interference of our physical body.

The moment we wake up we start feeling that this body is nothing but me. Till the time I was dreaming I was feeling mind is me. Now I am feeling this physical body is me.

So who am I exactly?

So lets try to find the answer as given in the Advait Vedanta. We will start from outside to inside.

Am I a physical body?

We feel that I am this body. Yes, why not? That is how it looks like.

But wait,

  1.  Now I am wearing the shirt and I call that shirt also as me. Then I point a finger towards me, I say that this is me, with my cloths and body.

If I remove the shirt and put aside. Now? Am I that shirt anymore? No. That is mine shirt but its not me.

     2.  In the same way suppose, If I cut my hand. (Don’t take it seriously, and don’t cut                 your own hand. hehe ) That hand was part of me when it was attached to the body.           But it is not anymore. I will say that it is my hand. But its not me.

So in this way when I die. That means whatever is inside me gets away from the body then people even don’t call my body by my name as well. They say move the body here, there. That’s the fact. Let it be.

But what I mean to say it is sure that even it appears like I am this physical body but when we think deeply we come to conclusion that I am not.

Then we will go further inside.

Am I my mind?

As we saw when we wake up from dream we realise that we are not in the dream. Means we are not mind as well. Or I can not say that I am only the mind.

Deep sleep?

When we are in the deep sleep state we don’t see any dreams , and nothing happens there. Even we don’t have realisation of our own physical body as well as our mind. But still we do exist. It doesn’t mean that I am not there. Yes I am always there.


Am I this physical body? NO

Am I this mind? NO

Am I this intellectual? NO

So am I nothing? NO

So who am I?

Advait Vedanta says, I am not Nothing as well as I am not Something.

How super deep and confusing statement it is. Isn’t it? In Short,  you can not explain about myself as, I am something and you can not even prove that I am nothing.

Read it again, because I also got confused here always.

Who am I?

I am not nothing.

I am not even something.

This I has terminology called as the “Brahman“. Which never awakes and never sleeps. Which just exists. It does not get affected by anything. Any situation, ani condition it is stable, never changes, never gets affected.

A person who realises, I am the Brahman gets out of all fears, all illusions all misery and sorrows. Neither happiness affect the state nor sorrow.

So this was the way and objective of adavit Vedanta to wake up from the day to day life reality. We will see in detail information about it in the next blog.

I don’t want to make this blog too long, So I will continue on the same in my Reality-3 Blog.

I hope you got the thing I have tried to explain. Many of your doubts will be cleared in the third part of this blog.

Mayur The Lone wolf.

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The Love and The Trust




I asked some people why do they meditate?

They said that they want to improve the focus and concentration, to get some peace and satisfaction.  I am sure most of you will give the same kind of reason.

I have even seen many people who complain that they can not meditate. They say that they sit for meditation and they do meditation but can not focus. So they feel meditation is of no use as they can not focus.

Both above situations are because of misunderstandings.

Because I feel meditation is not the tool to achieve focus or concentration. It is exactly opposite. Focus is the tool to achieve the meditation. And peace of mind is very necessary to meditate. Without focus and peace of mind  meditation is not possible.

Why are we not capable to focus? .

First lets understand our daily life. What we do almost 16 hours a day?


In the today’s Corporate world, we are supposed to be Multitaskers. We are considered very smart if we can do multiple activities at the same time. We are habitual to do so many things at the same time.

Apart from corporate requirements, our personal life is like below.

  1. While driving we don’t enjoy pure driving but we need songs or other activities side by side. I do it always.
  2. While eating we never try to enjoy our meal fully. we r either talking or in to TV or in our mobiles.
  3. When we are with our parents or spouses or children just observe, how much time we really listen to them very carefully? with full attention?
  4. Even many people need newspaper or mobile phones in the washrooms in the early morning.

So we train ourselves to multitask almost 15 to 16 hours in a day.

Now we will see what is focus? or concentration?

Focus is attaching your mind to particular object or thought completely while detaching your mind from every other object and thoughts. But we are trained and even practicing to do multitasking daily. which is exactly opposite of the thing what we call as concentration. Almost whole day, whether we are at work or in personal life, we are practicing the multitasking.

How can we expect to do something which we never even practice in our daily life? Its like we want to get the gold medal in running competition but I am practicing chess.

Some people say we do yoga and meditation for half an hour or for an hour.

Really? Is it going to make you focused? I don’t think so. Its like having a carrot juice in the morning and whole day you eat junk food. Then there is no much use of that carrot juice.

so how can we achieve the focus.

When we will learn to do one thing with full attention. then whatever it is. It may be having meal, or talking to parents, driving etc. We have to change our lifestyle in a such way that it will help to gain me a focus and I can do meditate.

Then such meditation will help your lifestyle, will give the experience of peace. Its a circle. But you have to always start with the life style. First work on your life style seriously to gain focus. Then slowly work on your yoga or meditation. You will start seeing benefits after that.

As a summery and as my own perspective I am making below points to make this article more clear and revise whatever I said.

  1. your energy always work on your thoughts. When number of thoughts are more then energy consumption is more. yes it will be a mental energy but it is most important.
  2. when you have less and less thoughts in your mind then only focus is possible.
  3. Multitasking means more number of thoughts, and we are training daily to multitask.
  4. to gain focus try to do one thing at one time. So it will generate less thought after some practice. Try to make it as a life style.
  5. Because of such life style you will save enormous amount of energy behind all kind of thoughts whether they are positive or negative.

Then life is a bliss in many ways.

It is a very deep and very big topic. But I just want to convey the thought in this blog is mastery over anything needs that kind of lifestyle.

After mastering the meditation we won’t be able to do multitasking???

Being perfect in meditation is the kind of art where you are incharge to control your own thoughts. Which is the big achievement for anybody. That is why I said once you learn to meditate it will help to build your lifestyle. That means once you learn to control your thoughts life becomes much easier. you know which thought you want to keep and which one to ignore. So that will be also a kind of multitasking but it is at very different level.

Right now whatever multitasking we do is unconscious , or we have hardly controls over our thoughts, but after knowing to control the thoughts the multitasking we would be doing will be very conscious.

All of these things I have observed within myself. I am also doing all mentioned mistakes repetitively. But learning about self is most awesome process. It’s amazing to acknowledge our own faults and drawbacks. I don’t know when they will be rectified. I am trying and I will keep trying till end. But at least I am ready to acknowledge my faults. So I believe that definitely at certain time this fault will be rectified.

It is a very deep and very big topic. But I just wanted to convey in this blog that mastery over anything needs that kind of lifestyle. Being perfect in meditation is the kind of art where you are incharge to control your own thoughts. Which is the big achievement for anybody. That is why I said once you learn to meditate it will help to build your lifestyle. That means once you learn to control your thoughts life becomes much easier. you know which thought you want to keep and which one to ignore. So that will be also a kind of multitasking but it is at very different level.

Right now whatever multitasking we do is unconscious but after knowing to control the thoughts the multitasking we would be doing will be very conscious.


I hope this internal thinking will help some one atleast a little.

Mayur The Lone Wolf




The Love and The Trust

I was reading the book named as “The Fakir” by the Ruzbeh Bharucha. It is one of the best book I have ever read. While reading, I stuck at one quote from the book, which was about the Trust and Love. I was clean bold by those 4 to 5 statements quote. I felt I have found something very logical. I will mention that quote later in this blog, but not here. Because its a very interesting.

Before going to that quote, I want to ask the question:

What is Love? What is Trust? Are they related? Are they dependant over each other?

I am so sure that most of you are going to say a big YES. I was also thinking the same before. Even if you google, most of the quotes you will find are as below:

But NO. big NO – NO.

Yes its little shocking.

Love and trust are totally opposite things.

Now you will say that I am always trying to do as usual controversial statement. How is it possible to love someone if there is no trust and vice versa.
Just give me one chance to clarify myself, and try to understand the explanation and then decide yourself.
We never think deeply. We easily state that love without trust is not possible or without trust how love is not possible.
But the fact is these are totally different words with different meanings.

What is Pure Love? Pure and real love is always without expectations. Real lover never expect anything from his beloved. Whatever the front person does really doesn’t matter. Real lover keeps loving the person irrespective of the behavior of the front person. As an example from our  day to day life, the way mother loves her child. The kid might be very naughty, and even if it is old enough and become gangster, mother always loves her child. that’s why mother’s love is considered as highest pure form of love in most of the species.
What is Trust? Trust itself carries the burden of expectations.  how? When you say to a particular person that you trust him that means….that person has fulfilled your expectations till now and because of which you can trust him. because if the same person has constantly failed you or did not meet your expectations how will you trust that person? This clearly says to trust someone he or she needs to fulfil your expectations first.

Now check my most favourite quote I was talking bout in the beginning.

I hope this quote is quite clear. But I will try to explain it in little depth. There might be few questions and I am trying to guess them as I also had after reading this quote.
Why to trust God or master not the other people? Wont they break our trust?
Generally people have these emotions for the god or some Guru like figure.

  • Submission and Surrender
  • Devotion
  • Faith

If something happens unfortunate or bad in our life, yes we blame sometimes to God and master that why this is happening to me? Why are you punishing me? but the feeling of devotion Never Goes away. We accept the thing like it had meant to be happened in our life for my own good or my past karmas or whatever logical illogical reason.

As an example: If somebody’s partner cheats over him/her then that person is going to be disappointed for sure but he/she won’t blame the god or master that why it happened?
If someone we love passes away we just accept it as our fate or the destiny. When you have the emotions of surrender you accept everything whatever is given. But these emotions of surrender is not possible in between partners or parents and children or friendship. It is most rare.
That’s why trust is only possible when you have the emotion of surrender. Because you are trust never gets break their. You do accept everything irrespective of good or bad.
Because of such trust only many fake Babajis are making their businesses.

So I hope where trust works and where it doesn’t is clear now. But the another question is Why to Love everybody but not to trust anybody?

It means that if you try to love everybody you will forgive them for their mistakes, you will not expect things from them. Because love is without expectations. When you love people, automatically you start feeling compassion, empathy, sympathy and forgiveness.

In this worldly life I will dare to say, the love of parents for their child is kind of true love generally one can experience.  Even though the child is not behaving as per the parents still they love him. Whatever he does, they might not like it but still they forgive him and accept him. They always give so many chances to their children to improve themselves. Of course I wont say that it is a purest form of love as there are many hidden motives behind it but we are not considering them as of now.
Trust can be the first step towards the real love. but not always. Because the love for the society, country, less fortunate people and everyone around us doesn’t need trust at the first place. When some one falls from the motor cycle, we run towards him to help him out without thinking whether he is trustworthy or not.

In personal relationships yes trust can be the start, but the result must be the real love. Here trust act as the seed. But the way seed has to manifest itself into the big tree the trust has to manifest into the real love. And when there is a grown tree, seed is not in existence anymore. In the same way when true love emerges the trust factor nullifies.
So how all of this is going to help us in our life?
Most of the mental disturbance and mental problems are because of some one breaks our heart or do not meet the expectations. somebody is not behaving as per my expectation that means the person is breaking my trust. My Expectations is the cause of our most of the problems in daily life. So when you start loving them instead of trusting them you automatically avoid so many issues. Slowly slowly you will start feeling the amazing peaceful life. Yes this is not the simple change but it is the permanent change which will make life permanently way better eventually.
In simple words if you don’t trust anybody there are least chances of your heart breaks.
so never give the remote control of your own happiness calmness and satisfaction into anybody’s hand. always have remote control of your own satisfaction in only and only your hands.
Mayur the Lone Wolf.

The Reality -1

virtual-reality-presentation2samas3239506-2-728.jpgMatrix was one of the most amazing movie which talked about the reality first time in most unusual and amazing way.

Our day to day life has tremendous impact on our living. I mean to say on our mental stability. We get easily affected with minor things. Either we get excited and happy for good things happening and we get sad, depressed, angry, agitated because of some unexpected even expected bad things.

Why we are so much affected? and just not affected but we always try to get rid of the pain and misery in every possible way.

Because if you see the examples of the spiritual masters or saints you will find their life was not simple. I will give just few known examples here.

  1. Jesus: we know how he was physically even mentally tortured. still his final words are ” Father forgive these children, they don’t know what they are doing.” what kind of insane mercy is that?
  2. Ramakrishna Paramhansa: He had throat cancer because of which he died. he had literally a hole through his throat. immense pain but he was never seen sad because of it. he was always guiding his disciples even though he was not able to speak.
  3. Sai baba: He healed so many people in his life time. He lived like a Fakir. but he never used his spiritual or will power to heal himself.

And there are many more examples like this.

Do you see the common factor in all these three examples?

  1. no one complained about their pains or suffering,
  2. No one used their will power to stop it. That means no one is interfering in the happening. Yes they tried all materialistic medical and other solutions to their problems but thy never used their own will powers or spiritual powers to heal or help themselves.
  3. Most of the spiritual leaders or gurus lived life like begger or fakir or without much materialistic things still they seem to be happy and satisfied all the time.

I have some questions here

HOW they could be so calm and stable in the misery and pain ?

WHY we cant be happy and satisfied even though we have much more? We always crave for more and more and never get satisfied. WHY so?

What is the difference in between them and us?

015thdimension-soulvibration-spirit-energeticbody1The biggest question of mine is:


Now the actual tricky part will come. This is from the Advait Vedanta. A Hindu scripture thousands of years back. There are many Upanishads which explains the Advait Vedanta. Here I will try to explain the things as per the Mandukyopanishad

According to the Mandukyopanishad the reality is mainly divided into 3 parts. Yes there can be many different level and different kinds of realities. But it is mainly divided into three portions.

1. Lower reality– It is nothing but the dreams we see in sleep or the imaginations we do. In the dream state or in a deep imagination state we witness whatever happening  in the dream or in our imagination. For that time being we live that reality. We are affected by the things happening in the dreams and our deep imaginations.

2. Awaken reality–  It is the reality where we live our normal life or day to day life. When we get up from our sleep state or a dream state the kind of life we live and experience is the awaken reality. Everyday business like brush, bath, work, love, drive and all so many things are part of this reality. All the stress and pains and happiness and love we experience in our day to day life is also the part of this reality.

3. Higher state reality–  Most of us never experience this kind of reality or we experience for very short time. This is also called as turiyaavastha or enlightenment. Where the person knows that he is not at all affected or attached to anything around. He is Brahmin himself or the final truth himself. He is everything and he is nothing as well. He is detached and different from every physical and mental reality which we live in day to day life.

Lets ty to imagine this kind of reality because we have never or hardly few times experienced this kind of reality.

I hope you have understood these three stages or three types of reality. Then only we will move forward.

Lets take one example.

Suppose you are sleeping and you are in to the dream state. Now someone is trying to kill you or you are falling from the mountain in your dream. you are going to be very scared in your dream and you will try to get rid of it so badly. But the moment you get up from the dream.

Suddenly you wake up and open your eyes. Then you come to know oh!! that was the dream. That means after waking up, reality for you has been changed. You are no longer worried about the dream and what was happening. Now you are free from the fear you were experiencing in your dream. You will just laugh at it and think that it was just the dream. Hushh!!!!!

Now we will try to push the same example further.

The way you woke up from sleep and came in to the awaken state. In the exact way when you will get up from the awaken reality into the enlightened reality. Which is even higher reality or dimension than our day to day life reality.  Whatever we suffer or experience the happiness or pain in the current awaken state has no importance into the enlightened mode of reality. like you don’t give any importance to the dreams  when you are awaken from the sleep.

So here one thing is clear that we don’t care about what happened in to the dream when we are awake, sililarly we wont care about whatever is happening in to the day to day life when we will be in to the more high reality which is known as enlightenment.

I hope you have now idea how different realities make us feel good, bad, happy sad and all feelings.

In this scientific ways or terms I will put the reality is as the dimensions. As the Physics says if you acquire the higher dimensions state you are more free. Like the body living in the two dimensional state will be more free then the body living into the single dimensional space. And the body into the three dimensional space is more free than the body living in two dimensional space. I think it applies in our reality is as well.

Our dreams are kind of two dimensional thing. When we are awake we are living in the three dimensional space. Even though there are more dimensions around us,  it is difficult to perceive these dimensions physically. But when we see these extraordinary people I feel its definitely possible to achieve those dimensions either one way or other.

Now one of the question people ask. I have also asked the same question above. Why people from higher reality don’t interfere in the lower reality? it is said that saints and spiritual people avoid to interfere in to the karmas or day to day life activities. then why?

The answer is already explained above and most of the people must have got it, still one more time I will put it below.

When you are experiencing some dream while sleeping, your sleeping body doesn’t try to wake u up forcefully. It is relaxed, resting. It doesn’t try to save you from the death or any kind of misery whatever you are experiencing in your dream state. In the same way when a person is in enlightened state or experiencing the enlightened reality,  he doesn’t interfere in the Karma or the happening into the awakened state of reality. He doesn’t bother at all. so that’s why who is living in to the enlightened state of reality is not much concerned about his awaken state or the day today life what we experience.

He lives physically in this daily life, or awaken reality. But he perceives it from very different dimension or from very different perspective. The way dream state reality doesn’t affect the awakened state of reality in the same way the awakened state of reality doesn’t affect the enlightened reality. And that’s why this enlightened people or sends have ability to just watch whatever is happening in the life. Generally they don’t try to change any course of life at least their course of life.

Main thing is fear and insecurity we experience. When u r awake from dream then your fears and insecurities from dream world or reality ends. In the same way when you wake up from the Day to day life to higher state these fears also end. fears like poverty, loosing loved one, insults, anger everything becomes meaningless or unimportant.

 How many realities are there?

There are many levels of realities. But majorly they are divided into three as said above.

Like when we were children our reality was different. We had importance for our toys for our chocolates. We experienced the pain when somebody took our toys or if my toy is broken. but now I am at some different reality because of the my knowledge and the experience I earned. That’s why whatever I did in the childhood, I feel it was very funny. Even though I remember that I was crying so badly because somebody broke my toy. Now the reality has been changed for me so I just laugh at it and I don’t give much importance to it. So that is how  every moment and every day gives us the different state of reality.

only with the knowledge and experience we can go to the higher state of reality.

Why we don’t go to higher reality?

When you are dreaming about your amazing romantic love story or success in career or any good thing, you never want to wake up. When you wake up from such beautiful dream, you feel like why did I wake up!!! it was so Amazing dream.

But when the dream is exactly opposite and very scary, deadly and you suddenly get up then you feel relieved. You feel it’s better that I woke up.

In the same way when awaken reality or day to day life reality which we experience  is going quite easy, happy and smoothly. You are not at all interested to know about higher reality.

That is why everybody around us is almost enjoying the awakened state or day to day life reality. They don’t want to know about what is real enlightenment state.. But when they will face a tremendous misery or pain then at that time they will try to find out the way to get out of this misery or continuous pain. At that time the spiritual journey of the person starts.  That’s why most of the spiritual Giants like Buddha or Tukaram Maharaj came on this path after seeing the misery in their own life. Or fears they had.  When they thought ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Now I need to find certain permanent State where nothing can disturb me.

Obviously all this is my own thought process so I might be wrong at many places. But I am trying to understand the beauty and essence of Advaita Vedanta.

Explaining all this things into words is very difficult but I am trying to put everything as simple as possible because I am also dumb person to understand these terms. Am sorry if I am not clear enough.

….  Mayur the lone wolf.

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