The Reality- 2

This is the sequel part for my blog The Reality -1

Just to refresh few terms from that blog:

There are three stages of reality according to the Mandukyopanishad.

  1. Dream Reality : The lower reality which we experience in a dream state.
  2. Awaken Reality: The day to day life what we live.
  3. Enlightened or Superconscious Reality: Turiyawastha which is super conscious stage of reality.

We experience dream as the reality when we are sleeping and watching the dream.

When we wake up, the Dream Reality ends for us and new reality of day to day life starts. Even if the dream is pleasurable we are supposed to wake up either this way or that. Even if we want to sleep more, to experience the dream for longer time finally we push ourselves up to wake up.

Now the question is how can one wake up from the awaken reality that means the day to day life reality to the enlightened state? Is it possible?

Advait Vedanta says big YES. It’s possible.

First of all, the person needs to have a wish to really wake up from this reality. This is the most important criteria.

Why am I saying this because, if you can observe, when dream is of mixed emotions of the good and bad incidents, we do enjoy watching it. We don’t want to wake up easily. But when dream is terrible horror or sad we immediately try to get up and get rid of it.

In the same way day to day life is mixture of pleasure and sorrow incidents. We just stick here and never want to give up. Whatever happen we like to be in this reality. When some one really gets fed up with this day to day reality, that person starts to find the answer to find the higher level peace and satisfaction.

So for such person Advait Vedanta gives the solution in question and answer form. These questions and answers are very deep and intellectual. For people like us who can not easily devote ourselves to someone, for them this is mental treat as well as thought provoking. In fact it allows us to ask as many as doubts we can and it gives answers to our doubts as well.

One of the most important question in Advait Vedanta is “Who am I ?”

When we are in the dream state we feel that our mind is nothing but me. Our mind creates the images and all surrounding. In the dream state we don’t have awareness of our physical body. We feel pain and pleasure without actual interference of our physical body.

The moment we wake up we start feeling that this body is nothing but me. Till the time I was dreaming I was feeling mind is me. Now I am feeling this physical body is me.

So who am I exactly?

So lets try to find the answer as given in the Advait Vedanta. We will start from outside to inside.

Am I a physical body?

We feel that I am this body. Yes, why not? That is how it looks like.

But wait,

  1.  Now I am wearing the shirt and I call that shirt also as me. Then I point a finger towards me, I say that this is me, with my cloths and body.

If I remove the shirt and put aside. Now? Am I that shirt anymore? No. That is mine shirt but its not me.

     2.  In the same way suppose, If I cut my hand. (Don’t take it seriously, and don’t cut                 your own hand. hehe ) That hand was part of me when it was attached to the body.           But it is not anymore. I will say that it is my hand. But its not me.

So in this way when I die. That means whatever is inside me gets away from the body then people even don’t call my body by my name as well. They say move the body here, there. That’s the fact. Let it be.

But what I mean to say it is sure that even it appears like I am this physical body but when we think deeply we come to conclusion that I am not.

Then we will go further inside.

Am I my mind?

As we saw when we wake up from dream we realise that we are not in the dream. Means we are not mind as well. Or I can not say that I am only the mind.

Deep sleep?

When we are in the deep sleep state we don’t see any dreams , and nothing happens there. Even we don’t have realisation of our own physical body as well as our mind. But still we do exist. It doesn’t mean that I am not there. Yes I am always there.


Am I this physical body? NO

Am I this mind? NO

Am I this intellectual? NO

So am I nothing? NO

So who am I?

Advait Vedanta says, I am not Nothing as well as I am not Something.

How super deep and confusing statement it is. Isn’t it? In Short,  you can not explain about myself as, I am something and you can not even prove that I am nothing.

Read it again, because I also got confused here always.

Who am I?

I am not nothing.

I am not even something.

This I has terminology called as the “Brahman“. Which never awakes and never sleeps. Which just exists. It does not get affected by anything. Any situation, ani condition it is stable, never changes, never gets affected.

A person who realises, I am the Brahman gets out of all fears, all illusions all misery and sorrows. Neither happiness affect the state nor sorrow.

So this was the way and objective of adavit Vedanta to wake up from the day to day life reality. We will see in detail information about it in the next blog.

I don’t want to make this blog too long, So I will continue on the same in my Reality-3 Blog.

I hope you got the thing I have tried to explain. Many of your doubts will be cleared in the third part of this blog.

Mayur The Lone wolf.

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    1. Thanks alot mate. Yes definitely it is a brainstorming stuff. I am trying to explain it as simple as possible. I hope you would enjoy the next part as well. This is the thinking of Indians around five to six thousand years ago.
      Thank you again for taking your time to read the block and your kind words.😊


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